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    Property Management

    At Graphite Real Estates, we specialize in management services which include: Residential, Commercial, and Property Care taking. We are dedicated to making ownership as profitable as possible.

    No matter where you happen to be – down the street, or across the world – you can rest easy knowing your property is in excellent hands.

    As your management team and your representative, we can ensure, the rental fees are collected timely and deposited to your account, we can handle all maintenance issues that occur. Utilizing a group of trusted contractors and vendors, we can ensure that your property is kept well maintained and your investment protected.

    We are in position to provide very useful service for bigger, mid-range and smaller properties using modern property management systems

    We Manage the following Properties

    1. Apartments (furnished or unfurnished)
    2. Warehouses
    3. Commercial or industrial estates
    4. Commercial buildings like arcades or shopping centres
    5. Residential houses
    6. Farmlands or agricultural estates
    7. Empty or idle land
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    We ensure that your land is not encroached, and with consultations with you we get tenants who can do income-generating businesses for your good.

    Our Property Management Team will have the full responsibility of managing daily operations at assigned properties. The Tasks include maintaining property rentals, marketing and filling vacancies, screening prospective tenants, enforcing leases and securing premises.

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