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    Land Measurements and Conversations in Uganda

    Understanding Land Measurements in Uganda is very essential if you want to purchase or sell land as the language can be a little confusing. It also helps you to know and measure exactly what you intend to buy or sell land.

    Some measurements include, square miles, hectares, acres, decimals, meters, square meters, square feet and yards among others. Its highly advised that you use a reputable professional land Surveyor with consultation with your Lawyer to confirm the actual measurements when selling or purchasing land.

    A professional land surveyor is key in surveying and determining the size of land as may be stipulated on the title deed.

    All land title deeds whether for Mailo, leasehold or freehold Land tenure systems must be verified in the land registry/Land offices. The lands office gives a search report to an applicant who presented a search application to it. After the confirmation of search sizes, and its very important to do a physical verification of the size by opening boundaries to ensure that no encroachment on the land size.

    Below is a land measurement conversion guide commonly used in Uganda:

    Measurement Its Equivalent
    12.5 Decimals 50 by 100 feet plot of Land
    25 Decimals 100 by 100 feet plot of land ¼ (Quarter) an Acre
    50 Decimals ½ (Half) Acre
    1 acre 100 Decimals
    1 Hectare 2.47 Acres
    1 Acre 200 by 200 feet
    1 Hectare 10000 Square Meters
    259 Hectares 640 Acres
    1 Acre 4046.86 Square Meters
    1 Square mile 640 Acres
    1 square meter 10.7 square feet
    1 square yard 9.6 square feet
    1 square feet 144 square inches
    1 meter 100 centimeters
    1 foot 11.9 inches

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